• Nickel iron alloy is the all alloy. The main component of ferronickel is nickel and iron, also containing Cr, Si, S, P, C and other impurity elements. Chromium nickel stainless steel is the main varieties of stainless steel consumption of nickel, due to their excellent comprehensive properties, has been widely used, accounting for 60% of total output to 75% stainless steel. Stainless steel production growth will pull the nickel metal consumption growth.
    The main raw material of nickel iron alloy production unit of the project have laterite nickel (343080t/a), quasi imported laterite nickel ore from Cuba, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Columbia and Dominica and other countries, the main raw material silica source security. Auxiliary materials such as lime, coke supply by region and Inner Mongolia surrounding areas.
  • The main effect of nickel in stainless steel is that it changed the crystal structure of steel. One of the main reasons for increase of Ni in stainless steel is the formation of austenite crystal structure, thus improving the properties such as plasticity, weldability and toughness of the nickel stainless steel, so called austenitic forming element.
    Nickel content of 5% can improve the tensile strength and hardness of low carbon structural steel. In plain carbon steel containing 3% nickel, can improve the tensile strength, impact toughness, yield point and deformation capacity. The structure of NiCrMo steel containing nickel 1%4%, because the ratio of tensile strength of the steel of the same quality as appropriate, so it is suitable for the automobile, locomotive and machine manufacturing industry. Wear member with steel in addition to these elements, also contain carbon. The user is stainless steel and heat-resistant special steel nickel steel and the largest containing the most important. For example, Cr18Ni9Ti, Cr17Ni11Mo2 and a series of heat resistant stainless steel, heat processing performance, widely used in machinery, light industry, medical, defense in.
    Nickel has graphitization effect of minor in cast iron, can stabilize pearlite and reduce the ferrite content. Therefore in the cast iron nickel structure helps to achieve uniform and integrated and good performance. The addition of a small amount of nickel (Ni0.1%-1.0%) can lead to the formation of fine pearlite, when the nickel content is high, will be the formation of martensite and austenite. Pearlite fine and stable can make the cast iron has good processing properties and hardness. Therefore, addition of nickel cast iron can be used for the manufacture of automobile manufacturing of castings.

    Nickel iron alloy product specification and quality indicators of the implementation of industry standards and requirements of the user. The project specific quality index see "nickel iron alloy industry standard" table.
    Nickel iron alloy industry standards

    Chemical composition


















    Note: the buyer has special requirements on chemical composition, the supply and demand sides can negotiate

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