Ningxia Jiyuan Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. corporate culture

The core idea
Enterprise mission: (a) the development of private economy, to serve the community of love
(two) common vision: to create green, circulation, the development of high-end private enterprises
(three) the core values: Zonta and trustworthy, share success
(four) the spirit of enterprise: pragmatic and enterprising, innovation beyond
The basic idea
(a) business philosophy: honesty is invincible, Tuojiang no domain
(two) management philosophy: system management decision, detail decides success or failure
(three) the idea of safety: safety is the biggest welfare
(four) the quality of the idea: zero defect quality, fine 100%
(five) the concept of cost: many a little makes a mickle, poly flow into a river
(six) talent concept: informal, recruit more capable personnel
(seven) the idea of innovation: Bocaizhongzhang, independent innovation
(eight) the team concept: cohesion, trust, honor and Disgrace
Behavior culture
Staff code of conduct
Dedication, law-abiding
Learn and progress, safety and health
Solidarity and cooperation, diligence and thrift
Civilized manners, self-improvement management code of conduct
Proficient in business, work hard
Work hard and be practical, responsibility
The implementation of the place, vigorous and resolute
Fair, human resources
Learning and innovation, continue to transcend

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