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Ningxia Jiyuan Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd.

Ningxia Jiyuan Metallurgical Group Co. Ltd. is the metallurgical industry, production, sales and service as one of the enterprise group. The company was founded in 2003, is located in Pingluo County Industrial Park, the registered capital of RMB 299900000 yuan. Since the establishment of the company, after ten years of market practice, continue to grow and develop, the existing land area of 577000 square meters, with ore heat furnace 10 units, the total installed capacity of 250500KVA, the main production of nickel and silicon manganese alloy etc.. The company under the jurisdiction of Ningxia Hira Rohiro Yunda Industry Co. Ltd and other 3 subsidiaries, has now developed into a set of nickel iron, manganese, manganese rich slag alloy production, sales, logistics, warehousing and other power, the diversified development of medium-sized private enterprises.
Improvement and innovation of the company is committed to the comprehensive utilization of circular economy industry in Pingluo Industrial Park, Terzaghi belongs to the larger capacity, the technology is mature, professional and strong, good reputation of a circular economy Metallurgical Group Company, has established long-term cooperative relationship with steel furnace charge Co. Ltd, Baoshan Iron and steel, JISCO group and other large domestic enterprise of steel, because products of good quality, excellent service, won the praise of many customers, the company completed the cooperation with the customers with "quality concept of zero defect quality, fine 100%", and strive to build the company into a strong brand of Ningxia metallurgical industry.
The company currently using the measures of energy saving and environmental protection equipment advanced do clean production, and planning in 2015 since the implementation of nickel iron ore heat furnace refining stainless steel, cold rolled stainless steel and supporting pipe and so on, in the future to further improve the added value of ferronickel production of stainless steel, reduce the production cost; comprehensive utilization of waste slag processing hollow masonry, mineral wool and other products to save resources for the construction of material.
The company was founded ten years, always have "the development of the private economy, society love" of the enterprise mission, adhere to the "common vision to build a green, circulation, the development of high-end private enterprise", the implementation of the "pragmatic and enterprising, innovation beyond" spirit of enterprise and "moral faith, to share the success of the enterprise core values, uphold" we are invincible, Tuojiang no domain "business philosophy and the" system determines management, detail decides success or failure "management philosophy, seize the opportunity, saving energy and reducing consumption, and striving for famous. Many times by the Autonomous Region People's government as "energy-saving advanced enterprises", the top 100 enterprises and 30 small and medium-sized backbone enterprises, by the Shizuishan municipal government awarded the "top 30 enterprises in Shizuishan city", and "meritorious enterprise" and other honorary titles, a district, city and county of key enterprises. With the establishment of the new operating system, from experience management to the management system, gradually to the cultural management platform. The company will be operating mechanism, high efficiency and better economic benefit, a new corporate image stands in Pingluo industrial park.

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