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Sinosteel charging limited company to undertake Chromium Alloy Industry Chain Summit Forum

In January 12, 2011, the first meeting of Chinese Chromium Alloy Industry Chain Summit Forum held in Guangxi Beihai, the main leadership of Sinosteel Jilin Ferroalloy, Chinese Minmetals from influential domestic ten party eleven ferrochrome production enterprises, more than 20 people attended the meeting, the participating enterprises capacity of more than half the volume of domestic chromite chromite. The conference is organized by the China steel furnace charge Co. Ltd., general manager Li Yuanzhong presided over the.
The meeting a full exchange of views on chromium alloy enterprise status, international chrome ore supply and price trend, in 2011 China ferrochrome production cost and competitiveness, expand the scale and structure adjustment and other issues, reached many consensus. Everyone agreed that: the establishment of a harmonious chromium alloy industry chain is a common vision of chromium Industry Summit Forum, the internal members should maintain frequent communication and consensus, unity and collaborative form resultant force, in the difficult environment and the market caught in between the two pressure to secure a reasonable living space and good industrial ecological environment, and jointly promote the healthy development of the Chinese chromium industry. Delegates spoke highly of the long lead Sinosteel charging Co. Ltd. in chromium alloy industry and to promote the excellent efforts Chinese chromium alloy made by the harmonious development of the industrial chain. The meeting also market current borrow a trend consensus views.
During the meeting, Li Yuanzhong of general manager of extensive contacts with the attending enterprises leadership, introduction of renewable resources three big industry chain and harmonious industry chain concept iron alloy, char, Sinosteel charging, will promote the development of the industry and strengthen business cooperation with executives conducted fruitful communication, and reached broad consensus. By building the platform and hosted the first meeting of the summit, highlighting the Sinosteel charging brand influence, and to charge the company further improve CR has laid a good foundation of industry chain management.
Alloy resources department, District, Southern China Beihai office, Department of special steel marketing customer accompanied by relevant personnel attended the meeting

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