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The new project notice Ningxia Jiyuan metallurgical Co. Ltd.

According to the determination of the Autonomous Region People's government and Pingluo County People's government "industrial upgrading, project driven, adjustment and transformation" and "big help, Guan Xiao, a new, extended" overall train of thought. The use of the project, 2 * 25000KVA of ferronickel submerged arc furnace and the project of comprehensive utilization of 2 x 31500KVA silicomanganese submerged arc furnace Ningxia Jiyuan metallurgical Co. Ltd in 2012 to be expanded, the project total investment of nearly 500000000 yuan.
Design and construction are seeking ore heat furnace with relevant design qualification and construction qualification units involved in the project. Specific situations can advice or calls to the company interview.
Tel: 09526693057 13895427897
Contact person: Liang Wengang
Mail box: jiyuanban@163.com
Address: Ningxia is too Pingluo sand Industrial Park

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