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The three aspect of general secretary toured learning

The new General Secretary Xi Jinping not full moon, showing a find everything fresh and new governing body. Moved by the popular speech, the deep spirit of self-examination and the sense of crisis, for the first time the ruling idea of collective activity again "national revival", to the public advocate "warmth Chinese dream", leader of the party, make oneself an example of rectification swatting flies more tigers anti-corruption will, new meteorological Li Xinzheng Xi gradually filling.
The general secretary of the central new team Xi Jinping condensed reform consensus, have a well-thought-out plan, bravely forward, step by step to achieve a new. In his gentle expression, revealing the pioneering firm will the new bureau. Recently, the general secretary of Beijing Xi for the first time, did not follow in sb.'s footsteps, here, to visit the red shrine, but choose to study Chinese bridgehead Shenzhen reform and opening up. Southern Xi general secretary, strands of spring breeze blowing the new deal, with three things.
One, hold high the banner of reform.
Hongkong media to explore Shenzhen Xi general secretary, in good faith for fun "Xi Gong's southern Tour", "Deng is Gongnan Tour" upgrade edition. The Deng Xiaoping Theory in reform and opening up, higher than the standard of Mao Zedong Thought of ruling status, high attitude alienated conservative and rigid, and even regression of ideology, big trend of modern political civilization.
20 years ago, Deng Xiaoping's southern tour, published a famous southern talk, that is loaded China glorious history of reform and opening up the "three favorables". This important speech, to disperse the reform style clouds, broke the shackles of conservative forces, get rid of the ideological myth surname "endowment" still surname "company". The South eyeful spring, full liberation of the productive forces, Chinese created the amazing world of economic miracle.
20 years later, the southern Xi jinping. The present China society than Deng's southern tour, more complicated, more extensive and sharp social contradictions. The first task was the ruling party, is to solve "the basic problem of mouth", is the 800000000 Chinese subsistence level demand. Now, the ruling party in the face of crisis and hitherto unknown test ", is to solve the synthesis problem people", is a comprehensive development of demand of 1300000000 Chinese, is the social fairness and justice. When Deng Xiaoping's southern tour, the mission is only one, that is to liberate the productive forces. Now learning the general secretary's southern tour, more than one mission, not only to continue to emancipate the productive forces, promote economic transformation and upgrading, the realization of the sustainable economic development, more importantly, to actively explore "the power in the cage" political system reform, improve the socialist democracy and the rule of law. The biggest challenge is how to present the ruling party, self-discipline and heteronomy, tame, clean up the taste bad, mad, do evil all kinds of evils run power.
The reform of political system and economic system reform, the need to reform the courage, wisdom of reform and reform mission. Deng Xiaoping's two wishes, one is common prosperity, a citizen society. Learning to hold high the banner of reform and general secretary Deng, the mission is here.
Secondly, the practice of pure and fresh style.
The Political Bureau recently held a conference, issued eight regulations to rectify the party's style of work. The purpose is to the people first, pragmatic, low-key, not disturbing, completely change the party members and cadres in the eyes of the masses, swagger before others magistrate unbearable image.
Southern tour, Secretary General of be used to travel with light luggage and few attendants, not the road closure is not cleared, the scene without any Welcome Banner, also do not have marched out of the link, is undoubtedly the implementation of the decision of the Political Bureau of the lead, is a Lixin tour, is a good image of the ruling party heavy tree line.
Long term since, the leadership at all levels of the police, a travel. Some people even to flaunt, become a symbol of privilege, status and treatment. The police, but in reality is a modern version of the feudal dynasty official parade, is tantamount to the ancient officials travel, yamen guards in front of Gong, walking and shouting, the official master out of the way, let people all escape. Officials used to keep up appearances, hobby "feudal privilege hardcore quiet avoidance", will inevitably lead to discontent, the result is tarnished the image of the party and the government.
Xi Li new and fresh, again returning to the "serve the people" slogan, when it comes to be the most important. An example that, than ten thousand words of beautiful slogan more vivid. In 2007, Xi Jinping in Zhejiang provincial Party committee secretary of the last year, the location of center of provincial Party committee to work for "style building year", catch party conduct to promote political style with folk, requirements "level with a class dry, a do to a watch." Transferred to the Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary, immediately launched the style construction, as "the fundamental guarantee to achieve the development objectives of Shanghai". Xi Jinping has always attached importance to make oneself an example of leading cadres.
Xi Zhongxun had many times to Xi Jinping said: "no matter you as much official, don't forget to work diligently and conscientiously to serve the people, really think for the people, to contact with the masses, to be amiable and easy of approach." Learning general secretary did not live up to.
Third, highlighting the spirit of the sar.
The first station austral Xi Jinping, Shenzhen Qianhai. Qianhai is a district of Shenzhen Hong Kong cooperation in modern service industry, is "the special zone in the zone", the implementation of more than special economic zones of the first foretaste policy. Reform is to break through the old forces, set the minefield and the forbidden area, the courage to try first. That year, Xi Zhongxun advocate politics in Guangdong, pilot special zone spirit, promote the reform and open policy make snap Guangdong, led the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Guangdong to become the reform and opening-up founder, become thick and heavy in colours China worth writing contemporary history reform people.
Xi Jinping's southern tour, on the 20 anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech is the memorial, but also to father Xi Zhongxun work fine reform

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