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Pingluo overview

Pingluo County is Shizuishan city county formed the only, is located in the north of Ningxia plain, East and Inner Mongolia Etuokeqianqi adjacent, West and the banner of Alashan bordering south and Yinchuan County of Helan City, North and connected Huinong District of Shizuishan city. Area of 2086.13 square kilometers, population 300000, the urban population of 80000 people, the Hui population of 97000 people, the county accounted for 32% of the total population. Jurisdiction over six townships and seven towns, 141 administrative villages. The Yellow River runs through the north and the south, Lake wetland is dotted, land the boundless plain, ditches. Tree forest, Daoxiang fish fertilizer, since ancient times is the northwest land of fish and rice, the rich, there are "stuffed small Jiangnan" reputation. In the evaluation of the eighth, Ninth National County Economic Competitiveness and scientific development, Pingluo in 874 western counties respectively ranked ninety-third, Seventy-eighth, seventieth, for three consecutive years to enter the top 100 counties in west of china. Traffic location, resource rich, heavy industry, investment paradise is the four characteristic of pingluo. Pingluo County in the Western Zhou Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty, spring and autumn and the Warring States period, Ju Wo Ye Rong Di tribe of nomadic, lush aquatic plants. Qin is the North County Fuping county. When the Western Han Dynasty is the north county county Party beam. In the Eastern Han Dynasty is low-cost County county. The northern and Southern Dynasties, the Northern Wei Dynasty is in Licheng County Jian'an county. The Sui Dynasty belongs to Lingwu County Lingwu county. The Tang Dynasty is a police state. When the Northern Song Dynasty Dingzhou. Jiaqing thirty years (AD 1551) changed to conquer the enemy 1000. The early years of the Qing Dynasty changed the pingluo. Yong Zheng two years (AD 1724) the Pingluo county.

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